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The Lash Apprenticeship Program is designed for the licensed lash extension technician that is interested in leadership, supervision and guidance. This program includes a refresher course of up to 3 topics of interest to focus on and develop the necessary knowledge and skills related to your topics. This course allows students to bring in 2-3 models to work on in one of our beautifully decorated suites.


This program is designed for any lash artists that are interested in supervision, advisement, guidance and support along your lashing journey. Our highly experienced master lash artist & educator will supervise you throughout your apprenticeship and assist you while working on your lash models. Joining the Lalique Lashes team may be available after completion of this apprenticeship program, if interested. Ongoing mentorship included. No student kit included.


This program takes 20 hours to complete and is split into (5) 4 hour days.  


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